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In today’s life, every person suffers from some kind of health problem due to which he is not able to remain happy even though he has everything and in most Medical-Pathy prevalent nowadays there is no exact treatment available to it, so patients often have to go round to the doctor. In most cases, there is no permanent solution to the problem or deficiency that the body produces, for example: asthma, spinal cord diseases, diabetes and even the frequent cough and allergy problems in children. Their treatment is possible and the knowledge of astrology is one of them and the most accurate treatment is also available in it. That was all that good astrology was possible had them to accurately calculate the time for the same reason. We have often heard the story of Lakshman being injured in Ramayana and his treatment by Sushen Vaidya since childhood, but sometimes you have thought that in that period how someone has told so accurately that Sanjeevani medicine was not found till sunrise. They can be saved as soon as the sunrise ends, astrology becomes important here. Many times you must have seen that good astrologers tell you that at the time Irik may suffer just comes out of solution is because who can tell you that you have got this problem from the said planet, if you have a little more information and can give you a solution. Our organization has been doing this for the last 15 years and has been very successful in that. In view of this, we decided to come on a digital platform so that it would be possible to reach more people as we believe “सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः” means all are healthy.

It is also said in us that the first pleasure-free body. If our body is not healthy then how will we enjoy material pleasures, so if you want to avoid excessive expenses and circling doctors, then you can contact Astro Arogya.

Astrology horoscope is the way to predict your future using stars and planet this way of predicting was found by early civilization which is still used for making big decision and gaining personal insight. The early civilization found out scientific way to predict future.


These signs are divided according to the 4 elements: Air, Earth, Water and Fire.

Water Signs= Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Fire Signs= Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Earth signs= Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Air signs= Gemini, Aquarius, Libra.


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Among the various arts of predicting one’s future, one that is the most fascinating and the most interesting is the tarot cards reading. In this ‘ritual’, as some would call it, we have a deck of cards which of course is not a normal deck of cards. These cards have various images that are supposed to somehow with some majestic and planetary prowess, predict your future. In different parts of the world and due the different procedure of this occult there are various ways in which one may carry out this activity. But one in all and one for hundred tarot Cards reading remains one of the most mysterious ways of predicting one’s future. This may be appreciated by some or also be hated by some because of its secretive nature but it will always be practiced and will be believed and may still remain as the most mysterious ways of predicting one’s future.

Astrology horoscope has changed by years but nowadays many people still depend on this way for making decisions. This way of predicting future was used by many civilizations like Mayans and Chinese have their own way but they used stars and planet to predict the future. The astrology use today is knows as Hellenistic astrology that was developed during the 4th century by Babylonian and Egyptian scientists which knows by most of us nowadays there are other astrology which are even know to us like the Hindu astrology which are based on the teaching from the vedanga ji Astisha . Chinies astrology is based on the yin and yang. Thai astrology uses the Thai lunar calendar to make prediction. However the most of the people use the Hellenistic astrology as it has 12 zodiac sign as the people born between those times have similar characteristics. As we know is born between those time can have a general idea of his behavior. To understand this there is a lot of calculation and mathematics involved and requires a lot of practice to master this science. To get a result u need to practice this science.

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